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Open the new field of people's wisdom Party Party grassroots party organizations and Party members welcome cloud free settled

2018 07 04 April 09:45 source: China - Communist News Network

The nineteen Party Congress report pointed out that reforms to enhance the innovation ability, good practical creativity to promote the work, good at using the Internet technology and information technology to carry out the work. At present, the Internet is accelerating to penetrate all areas of economic and social conduct, the Internet technology to the construction of the ruling party, is the information age under the influence of the ruling party is also represent the general trend, strengthen self construction, promote the work of Party building with the important embodiment.

In May 2018,, Chinese Communist News Network to conform to the trend of development, in order to better serve the majority of grassroots party organizations and Party members, service grassroots party building work better, adhering to the "scientific, sharing, intelligence, security of the building concept, on the run for more than four years of the" National Party building cloud platform upgrade, launched a new "the people's party", to provide free cloud wisdom party throughout the country for the units of the grass-roots party organization work platform. As of now, a total of more than 2400 units successfully settled, the platform in the party system and grassroots units to further expand the influence.

"People's party building cloud platform, with cloud storage and large data analysis, through the comprehensive coverage of the PC and the mobile terminal, the grass-roots party organizations information platform, learning education base, party and Party Central Data Management Assistant in a function. "People's party building cloud platform is built, will promote the construction of grassroots organizations around the wisdom of upgrading, effective service grassroots party members, truly where, where is the key of Party members, Party building work in where, help the grass-roots party construction work to a new level.

In order to adapt to the party propaganda, party work, learning the development trend of mobile education, the "people's party cloud platform is also supporting the development of the" people's party cloud APP, through the integration of news releases, lectures learning, interaction, organization management, implementation of Party propaganda precise push, learning education "time online", the management of party affairs "whenever and wherever possible". The client will also rely on and China Communist News Network, including building database, expert lectures, video learning counseling and other forms of high-quality content products, and provide to the grassroots party organizations through the free use of the form, to meet the learning needs of the grass-roots level.

New era, new platforms, new power., Chinese Communist News Network warmly welcome the national party system, institutions, state-owned enterprises, private units, schools and other units in the "people's party building cloud platform, through our joint efforts, to build the country's largest and most dynamic, comprehensive building one of the most influential work platform!

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(commissioning editor: Song Heli, Yan Yan)
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