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Guidance: National Internet Information Office
Organizer: China Internet development fund sponsor: 138479.xyz


The 100 network positive energy model contest as one of the "five one hundred" heavy pound series, the main object is in selection of important policies and major themes, major events, major events and emergencies in the active voice transfer positive energy, the formation of a positive guiding role in the online role model. During the 1 month run for 2017 years from 1 to 2018 years 1 months 31 days has completed the creation of the works.

Selection requirements

1, resolutely support the party's line, principles and policies, abide by the state laws and regulations, no illegal records. 2, active in the network space, long-term self-consciously promote the socialist core values, promote the theme. 3 on the Internet, and actively promote the justice, jizhuoyangqing, initiative to expose and criticize the rumors, to restore the truth, especially in the major policy, major themes, major events, major events and emergencies in the active voice transfer positive energy.

Activity arrangement

- external collection (February 7, 2018 19 until March 18, 2018 when only 24): the jury recommended the unit recommendation recommendation method for peripheral.
And the judges accepted
Network voting display
The judges.
- list announced
- award ceremony

Activity description

The event is organized by the national Internet Information Office guidance, Chinese Internet development fund will be hosted by 138479.xyz, global network, chinanews.com, cctv.com, China youth network five central focus of news sites and other contractors, the central focus of news sites, local news website and major commercial sites to participate in Co.
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Activity description: 1. to ensure that the activities of credibility, units and individuals in the process of completing the collection of recommended candidates need to be responsible for the authenticity of data.
The power of final interpretation of the 2. activities to Chinese Internet development foundation.